Get the most from your AVC

This plan does not replace your existing company pension plan but allows you to make additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) to help you bridge the gap between what you expect to receive from your current pension arrangements, and what you need to attain the type of lifestyle you want in retirement.

Here, we'll help you decide how much to pay into this plan and where to invest your contributions.



Topping up your pension

Even topping up your retirement savings by a small amount can have a significant impact on the final amount you get.


What does retirement cost?

This tool lets you pick the things you'd like to be able to do when you stop work - and tells you how much it could all cost.


What does it mean for you?

The 2014 Budget opened doors in the world of UK savings and pensions. You have greater simplicity, choice and flexibility, making pensions an even more attractive choice for saving than ever before.


Tax in retirement

Ready to access your pension savings? Let’s make sure you don’t end up paying more tax than you need to.


Let’s compare pension options

There’s a lot to consider when your looking at your options.


Manage your savings online

Check your pension value, Investments and more, easily and securely online.

Retirement events

Retirement events

If you’re 50 years or older and a Standard Life customer, you can join one of our webinars and start making the right choices for your life savings. In 45 minutes we’ll talk you through the key things to consider when preparing for retirement and give you the opportunity to ask questions to a panel of experts at our live Q&A.

Our webinars are for information only and should not be regarded as financial advice.