Check or change your payments

Check your current payments

You can check or change your AVC contributions online through MyPension Hub (Workday - External Benefits).

Make a one-off payment

You can elect to pay a one-off (AVC) payment into your pension up to a maximum of 4 times in a year.

You can choose to do this through payroll, for example when you are due to be paid your bonus, and benefit from tax relief at source.

Alternatively you can make a gross payment directly through MyPension Hub.

Please note: one-off Contributions do not qualify for SMART Pay.

You'll need to allow at least four weeks’ notice to make a one-off contribution to your pension - and it's worth checking the Government payment limit (PDF, 190KB). You can also look at your annual benefits statement for more information on this.


Contribution options

Change your payments

If you'd like to change the amount you're paying, log in to Benefits Plus and access the AVC page. Standard Life are not responsible for the content of Benefits Plus.