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You can manage your pension easily and securely through MyPension Hub, you just need to visit Workday - External Benefits with no log-in details required.

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From MyPension Hub you can:

  • Instantly view your plan value
  • Review and change your investments
  • Change your contributions
  • Use the tools to help you understand how much you'll need when you come to retire and check whether you are on track

Security information

We use Extended Validation SSL certificates on many of our secured websites allowing you to clearly see when you access a secure webpage. When entering a website that is secured with an EV SSL certificate, the URL address bar or text within the address bar will turn green, offering greater assurance that it is an authentic website.

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Please note that available features may vary between our mobile apps and online servicing.


Logging in

Your username and password

You can directly access MyPension Hub with no log-in details required, you just need to visit Workdays - External Benefits.

You can also access MyPension Hub from home at You'll simply need your username (Employee/Payroll ID) to register.

If you are no longer employed by Centrica please register for online servicing to access your personal account by clicking the link below.

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If you have any queries please call Standard Life on 0345 271 9503.

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Our secure mobile app lets you:

  • View your pension and any other investments you have with Standard Life
  • Track your fund performance

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