Check your pension's progress

This tool helps you get a clear picture of what your pension savings could be worth. And, you can use it to see how increasing your contributions now can make a big difference when you retire.

Take five minutes to see where you are. If you find out you're not saving enough, don't panic. There are options available to give your pension a boost and get you back on track.

Before you start you'll need:

  • Your current annual pensionable salary
  • The current value of any pensions you already have - you can find this on your latest pension statements, or contact the provider. Remember, you can get an up to date valuation for your Standard Life pension online
  • If you expect income from a defined benefit pension, you can add in how much and when you'll get it - you can also find this on your latest statement from your defined benefit pension provider
  • How much you and your employer pay. The retirement planner lets you see the difference in the potential value of your pension savings by changing your payments


 Your contribution levels

The retirement planner lets you see the difference that changing your contributions makes. If you need a reminder of your contribution options and what Centrica pays in, you can find it on the contribution options page.

When you enter the amount you and your employer are paying into your pension, please use the amounts before tax (gross amounts).

Please note: this planner does not take into account contribution increases that Centrica may have agreed to provide after you've been a member for two years.

Show your payment options

ExampleYou payYour employer pays
1 (your minimum payment amount)
4% 4%
5% 5%
3 6% or more 6% 12% or more

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Change your contributions

Keep up to date with your contributions and find out how you can change the amount that you're paying.